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Roofing and Guttering in Leicester 

DJ Gardner & Son are specialists in roofing and guttering in Leicester, we have worked on hundreds of homes over the years.

Along with house extensions, improvements and refurbishments; here at DJ Gardner & Son, we can also complete any roofing and guttering work to keep your home dry! Over time your roofing tiles can become worn and damaged through weathering, as such, it is essential that your roof is kept up to scratch to make sure that there are no leaks. We can also check your gutter and fix any issues, such as blockages so that all wastewater is drained away correctly.

We provide a wide range of roofing and guttering services:

Roof and gutter cleaning in Leicester

DJ Gardner & Son have years experience in all roof cleaning and treating services; it is imperative that you have a clean and treated roof, it will prolong its life, protect it from the British weather, could prevent costly repairs, making your roof have a clean and beautiful appearance.

If your gutters become blocked, it can damage your gutters, overspill waste and debris over the front of your property and can be a massive inconvenience, DJ Gardner & Son have years experience in cleaning and unblocking gutters.

Roof and gutter repairs in Leicester

The British weather can damage your roof and gutters, if you have any damages that require repairing, then please contact DJ Gardner & Son today before it gets worse.

DJ Gardner & Son provide many roofing and guttering services, just named a few above. If you would like to know what other services we offer or would love a free quote, then please contact us today on 07730614858.

"We truly believe we provide the best roofing and guttering experience in Leicester and surrounding areas."

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